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Embrace Series, Wall-Mounted Computer Workstation with Monitor Arm – Medication Storage

Wild Cherry EXT-6008-7054


Product Overview

  • Embrace Series, Wall-Mounted Computer Workstation with Medication Storage features an attractive three compartment contemporary design. 
  • The upper lockable compartment stores and protects the CPU, cables and power supply securely.
  • The center compartment offers secure storage of medication or supplies and comes standard with an electronic keypad locking system allowing for programmable, secure and convenient accessibility.
  • Ventilation provides continuous air flow to protect equipment from overheating.
  • Articulating monitor arm supports up to 50 lbs with 10° tilt to minimize glare.
  • Includes recessed storage in the main cabinet area allows for additional storage of accessories like scanners and small label printers.
  • Proximity’s cabinets feature unique keyboard and mouse storage that allows the keyboard and mouse to dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.
  • Worksurface designed to hold 400 lbs.
  • Also available with self disinfecting technology.  Eliminating all pathogens without human interaction.

Standard Features

Color Options (click for color part number)

  • Frosty White

    Frosty White

  • Fusion Maple

    Fusion Maple

  • Bannister Oak

    Bannister Oak

  • Fonthill Pear

    Fonthill Pear

  • Brighton Walnut

    Brighton Walnut

  • Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry


  • led-light-with-clips-26

    Led Light – ACC-LED-LGHT ACC - LED - LGHT

    Led Light – ACC-LED-LGHT

    ACC - LED - LGHT

    Require more light in your Proximity Cabinet? This LED light accessory gives a quiet hum-free light with no flicker that fully illuminates the worksurface.

  • storage-bin-cover

    Container Cover – ACC-CNTR-CVR ACC - CNTR -CVR

    Container Cover – ACC-CNTR-CVR


    Cover for recessed storage areas for both Embrace and Classic series models. Order if you do not want users to have accessibility to the storage area in the main cabinet area.

  • 9in-top-open

    Classic Top 9 Inch AC-TOP-9-XXXX

    Classic Top 9 Inch


    Classic Series slanted tops provide extra storage for cables and power strips. Some facilities require cabinets to have a slanted top to allow for easier cleaning and less chance of clutter or dust accumulating on the top of a cabinet.

    Technical Specification Sheet:

    CXT-28-9-TOP 9 in

    • Frosty WhiteACC - CTOP - 9 - 1573
    • Fusion MapleACC - CTOP - 9 - 7909
    • Bannister OakACC - CTOP - 9 - 7806
    • Fonthill PearACC - CTOP - 9 - 10745
    • Wild CherryACC - CTOP - 9 - 7054
    • Brighton WalnutACC - CTOP - 9 - 7922