Proximity cabinets with UV Angel is preventive disinfection


Allow hospitals to schedule regular cleaning protocols for computers and workstations

Tomball, Texas – FEBRUARY XX, 2017 – Proximity Systems, Inc., the leading provider of innovative technology furniture solutions to healthcare, in partnership with UV Partners today announced Classic SD and Embrace SD, two new lines of self-disinfecting (SD) cabinets designed to reduce the transmission of infection pathogens in healthcare environments. The new Proximity SD cabinets, which reduce bioburden on hospital surfaces around the clock, independent of human intervention, will be on show in booth 4363 at HIMSS 2017, February 20th to 22nd in Orlando, Florida.
Proximity’s wall-mounted workstations, strategically placed in patient rooms, ER’s, ICU’s and other frequented areas, make sure data is always at caregivers’ fingertips. In-room cabinets and workstations save time and effort, allowing hospital staff to focus energy on what is important – providing the best care to their patients.
Hospitals are under increasing pressure to reduce opportunities for nosocomial transmission from device workflow. The Proximity SD cabinets incorporate UV-C light technology from UV-Angel, providers of UV-C light disinfecting products, and software that allows hospitals to automatically eradicate superbugs multiple times a day. With the Proximity SD cabinet, hospitals and staff benefit from cleaning processes that are:

Programmable – Embedded software enables hospitals to set and track a cleaning schedule for each cabinet.

Aware – Sensors continuously monitor device interactions and alert UV-C light to suspend cleaning activity whenever a clinician interacts with the cabinet, then resume cleaning once that person goes away.

Safe – Once a cycle is initiated, a low dose of UV-C is delivered to the target surface. Each dose is set to a safe and optimal disinfection wavelength

Traceable – A critical data trail records and reports disinfection statistics including possible contamination down to the second.
“After culturing numerous mobile devices in the healthcare environment, electronic medical records (EMR) and mobile technology workflow create clear risk for nosocomial transmissions,” states Ted Cole, Founder and Inventor of the UV Angel being used in the new Proximity SD Cabinets. “Manually disinfecting equipment after every interaction with the patient is an insurmountable task. Hospitals need help reducing bioburden independent of human intervention around the clock.” UV-C disinfection devices integrated within the Proximity Cabinets actively disinfect around the clock, disinfecting the keyboard, mouse and worksurface 120-200 times in a three-to-five day period—that’s up to 40 times per day—without any staff interaction.

“Some of the dirtiest surfaces in hospitals are computer keyboards and mice. While there are lots of products to clean these devices, if people are not regularly using them, the computers remain dirty,” said Steve Reinecke, vice president of strategy and business development, Proximity Systems, Inc. “The new Proximity self-disinfecting cabinet provides regularly scheduled UV-C cleaning that eliminates surface pathogens and creates an audit trail to demonstrate that it’s actually working.”

The new Proximity Systems Classic SD and Embrace SD cabinets will be available following the HIMSS launch from Proximity’s preferred partners, CDW and Connection, as well as other Healthcare IT resellers.

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