Self-Disinfecting Cabinets

Proximity cabinets with UV Angel is preventive disinfection

UV Angel that is installed on Proximity cabinets, actively monitors targeted surfaces. Once new germs are introduced, our Angels eliminate the pathogen while recording it’s disinfection.

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Activation Triggers

All UV Angels continuously monitor device interactions creating a safe environment for efficient disinfection. Each interaction initiates or pauses a cleaning cycle.

Safe Disinfection

Once a cycle is initiated our Angels automatically deliver a low dose of UV-C to its target surface. Each dose is set to a safe and optimal disinfection wavelength.

  • NO super-bug creation
  • NO dangerous chemical by-products
  • NO disposable waste
  • NO high levels of energy

Critical Data

Build specialized environments, record and report disinfection statistics, including possible contamination down to the second.

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